Statement of creation of the “Jana Qazaqstan” Forum

The forum “JANA QAZAQSTAN” is a community of active citizens, represented by leaders of public associations, politicians, human rights defenders, journalists, experts and representatives of other fields.

Declaring its creation, the Forum aims to unite all healthy forces that are concerned about the future of our Motherland. Kazakhstan is on the verge of big changes connected with the inevitable transit of power and the end of the post-Soviet period of our newest History. None of us wants such processes to lead to chaos and unrest. At the same time, no one wants to live in poverty, to put up with injustice and despotism!

Ultimately, what will be tomorrow’s day of Kazakhstan depends on how mature and prepared the society will approach it. At a decisive moment the people must become an active subject of politics, independently deciding their own destiny, not just accepting the role of an outsider and a passive observer. It is clear that transit can’t be arranged by just simple declaration of a new successor who will continue the old policy.

We must honestly admit that the current government has shown its inadequacy in all fields. In fact, no state program has been brought to its logical conclusionfor the years of Kazakhstan’s independence. Despite all authority promises our country has not become the “second Kuwait”, on the contrary, it fell to the level of the poorest countries in Africa in terms of the quality of life of the population. At the same time, a potentially rich state holds leading positions in the world rankings of shame and degradation in corruption, the number of suicides and prisoners, road deaths, the number of policemen, bureaucrats, oligarchs per capita, external debt, public credit burden, etc.

The sham successes of the authorities during this period can be judged by the widespread collapse of the economy, which has come to desolate villages and whole cities, shattered roads and the communal economy that is about to die. Kazakhstan managed to sink into a deep debt hole, linking itself to bondage agreements with other states and foreign corporations. Irresponsible, uncontrolled bureaucracy led to the depletion of gold and foreign currency reserves, the National and Pension Funds. Emigration, in fact the escape from Kazakhstan of educated and talented youth above all, has reached an alarming scale. We see even more devastating predatory attitude to the environment. Kazakhstan has become a zone of ecological disaster in attempts to obtain quick profits. Which leads to enormous and irreparable damage to the health of citizens and the genetic pool of the nation. All 27 years of Independence of Kazakhstan were the time of missed opportunities. Moreover, there was a pullback from the basic principles of democracy and freedom, pluralism and equality, which were in the early 1990s. In return, we observe the clamping of any dissent, the infringement of elementary human and citizen rights and freedoms, the injustice of the courts, repression of our own citizens. The tragic events in Shanyrak and Bakai, Zhanaozen, shameful trials of civil activists and public figures, the liquidation of opposition parties and movements, the closure of dozens and dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites serve as a gloomy reminder.  

Apathy and fatigue prevail in society. Vanity projects and celebrations, blown statistics as well as megalomania,  cause irritation. Trust in government institutions has reached a critical low. People’s protest potential from the sleeping state passes into active forms.

As a matter of fact today the government itself has become the main brake on liberal political and economic reforms. The unique chance given by History to us, comes to naught. Therefore, in order not to end up as the margins of civilization, society itself must radically change. Further inaction and naive faith in the fact that everything somehow reform itself is the way to disaster!
We call ourselves the “JANA QAZAQSTAN” Forum, because we mean new quality of society — democratic, fair, rational and responsible. The whole world has long realized that without civil society, local government, the rule of law, the separation of branches of power and free media, no progress and progressive development is impossible.We have gathered for the voice of civil society to be finally heard. We declare our readiness to take responsibility for the future of the country! We are sure that with the support and active participation of our fellow citizens, the Forum will be transformed into a full-fledged movement or party.Realizing that the current Basic Law does not meet modern challenges, we initiate a draft of the New Constitution that will return power and national wealth to the sole source of power, to the people of Kazakhstan!In order to achieve this goal, the Forum is ready to become a public intellectual platform for productive joint work and elaboration of new laws “On Elections”, “On Political Parties”, “On Public Associations”, “On Local Self-Government and Electivity of Governors”, “On Freedom of Speech” and others. All these are necessary conditions and prerequisites for conducting the first honest, free and democratic electionsin the history of Independent Kazakhstan. It will give our people an opportunity to make a deliberate choice of their destiny. Our country must complete the protracted process of decolonization, de-totalitarization and decommunization. We are obliged to give political assessment to mass political repressions and Asharshilyq (Handmade Famine). ” We must create all conditions for the full development of the state language and the worthy return of the Kazakhs to their historical homeland.

The forum “JANA QAZAQSTAN” intends to unite active, conscious and responsible citizens of the country.

It’s time for New Kazakhstan!